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Asiaworld-expo Hong Kong Global resources consumer electronics show


Solstice on October 11, 2019, October 14, 2019 Hong Kong international autumn electronics show in Hong Kong international exhibition hall grand opening, we have the latest electronic products of more than 3800 booths, covers household, outdoor, automobile electronic products, electronic games, intelligent household, electronic components and computer products, gathered from greater China, South Korea and other Asian regions of exhibitors. You are invited to participate in booth no.11l44 of guangdong shengendi industrial co., LTD. In this fall electronics fair, a full range of products will be exhibited: SD series connectors, SG series connectors, SG series connectors, Anderson style connector series accessories, etc.

Previous review:

Exhibition area: 71,381 square meters

Number of exhibitors: 3,710, 1200 from Hong Kong, the rest from 22 countries and regions. The top five countries or regions for exhibitors are: mainland China, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan and the United States.

Audience: 60,258 people from 139 countries and regions. 61.11% of the audience were from outside Hong Kong. Asia accounted for 74.48%, Europe 12.32% and North America 5.20%.

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