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Congratulations on the success of the trademark registration!

Congratulations on the success of the trademark registration! With the increase of the company's business scale and the expansion of business scope, the company's popularity has been significantly improved; To further good brand image of foundry enterprises, to meet the company's brand strategy, and the requirement of market development, enhance competitiveness, the company leaders decided to apply for registration "saint endy electronics in 2017 began planning matters of trademark registration, apply to the state administration of trademark and" st endy "trademark, after nearly a year of acceptance, trial, trial and so on a series of legal procedures, in February 2018 to obtain the state administration for industry and commerce trademark office approved to register and issued the certificate.

After the preliminary examination, approval and announcement of a trademark by the superior administrative department for industry and commerce, the trademark registration certificate issued by the trademark office of the state administration for industry and commerce is formally obtained.

Trademark term of use: February 28, 2018 solstice 2028 February 27, 2018

Trademark used goods (category 9) : electric wires; Power supply material (wire, cable) electrical connector; The plug; Socket and other contactor (connector); Electrical conductor; Wire connector; Electricity; The electric switch; Electrical connector; Electric regulating device; The battery

The trademark of "saint endi" registered by dongguan shengendi electronic technology co., ltd. is the logo design of the company. The successful application of "saint endi" trademark is an important milestone of the company's brand construction, marking that the company has embarked on the road of brand development and has the exclusive right to use the trademark in the scope of service projects permitted by the state. Where the use of the same or similar trademarks by other units and individuals operating the same service projects as our company will constitute the infringement of our company's trademark exclusive right, our company can request it to stop the infringement according to law and have the right to claim compensation for the loss.

As an important part of intellectual property rights, trademarks are the intangible assets of enterprises. They embody the wisdom and labor of producers and operators and reflect the operating results of enterprises. The successful registration of the trademark is an important step in the brand strategy of sunndy electronics, and a powerful move to shape the company's brand image. Dongguan sunndy electronics technology co., ltd. will make unremitting efforts to maintain our brand reputation. Continuously improve customers' recognition of our brand, to provide customers with sincere, quality and reliable products to achieve our "professional integrity, service innovation" values.

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