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Product application

GuangDong S&D Industrial CO.,Ltd.

Provide standardized products and customized products as well as OEM products.

All products are internationally certified and meet the export requirements of many mainstream countries.

We are committed to bringing Chinese products to the world.

For electrical connection manufacturing industry to bring more quality services.

Electric vehicle charging plug

Forklift charging plug

Communication connector

Battery connector

UPS Power socket

High current connector

UPS Power connector

EPS Power connector

communication power connector

Inverter power connector

Forklift charging connector

cabinet power plug

scrubber charging plug

storage battery charging plug

power connector

forklift controller plug

EV BUS charging plug

 lithium battery charging plug

charging connector

Controller plug

High current charging plug

quick-acting charging plug

high-voltage connector

quick-acting connector

Asynchronous motor charging plug

charger plug

Drive motor plug

metors tunnel charging plug

cleaning equipment charging plug

power-operated mower charging plug

gardening tool charging plug

 Electric stacker charging plug

module power supply charging plug

wire connector

solder wire connector

Photovoltaic connector

solder connector

New energy connector

Sightseeing car charging plug

LED connector

Battery charging plug

High frequency power supply plug

Aging device plug

power cord connector

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