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Standard understanding of automotive connectors

Standard understanding of automotive connectors


Standard understanding of automotive connectors

What is a car connector? We first must be the first reaction related to cars, the role of the automotive connector is mainly electronic engineering technology is widely used in the field of automobile, automobile connector is realized, the main function of a circuit or circuit different isolated cases, achieve the connection, for the mobile car, is an essential need.

While construction and design of each car is different, but the car connector, all of the functions and basic is consistent with the main parts, automotive connectors have contact with the connection of the body of the main components, mainly refers to connect the power supply of the core parts, mainly including the negative and positive contact, resulting in a power supply, and according to the different type of connector with shell, mainly protect the mainboard and fixed to the car, there are important insulators, ensure the safety of passengers and the owner of the necessary measures and accessories, combined with different configuration of accessories, mainly including installation and structure of the small accessories, Play a fixed and combined role.

The basic functions of these four plates constitute the main functions of automobile connectors and ensure the effective performance of the bridge function of automobile connectors.

The role of automobile connectors is huge, which ensures the normal operation of the automobile in the process of driving. Then the design of automobile connectors is based on what standards and design awareness to ensure the normal and safety of automobile connectors.

First of all, the standards and factors of design ensure the safety of the car. First of all, the stability and safety of materials produced and designed are considered. The selection and use of materials are very prudent and stable.

Secondly, the stability and the car vibration of the voltage and power, so that the car connector to the role of the bridge, stable, and safe, reliable.

Thirdly, the temperature induced by the connection line must be considered in multiple directions, not only considering the thermal shock of the huge energy emitted by the car itself, but also considering enough. The change of temperature difference caused by the external environment will not affect the performance of the car connector and the safety of the car body.

Finally, the maintenance force of automobile connectors is guaranteed. Thus, the support of automobile horsepower is an important insurance factor. Only with certain support force can the safety design and operation of automobile connectors be guaranteed.

Automotive connectors for the automotive industry and electronic engineering technology perfect combination, and the development, in the future development trend, has certain market, but now although design is relevant, but due to the market in China, our service consciousness is weak, on the future development road, broad prospects, but is full of hardships.

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