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SED Company has a professional R & D team to provide customers with 5A-350A power connector development, design and wiring harness overall solutions The company has professional testing equipment (plug and pull force test, atomization test, contact resistance resistance test, etc.) to ensure that products meet customer requirements.

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17 years experience in connector harness manufacturing industry
Great economic strength
equipment is efficient, stable, energy saving and environmental protection
High-efficiency appliance
Excellent supplier of high quality service
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Equipped with professional wire harness production line
OEM cable harness
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SED Company Introduction
  Guangdong SED Co., Ltd. is a set of research and development, production, sales and brand agency in one of the modern electronic components comprehensive supporting enterprises, the factory is located in convenient transportation chashan town, Dongguan city, Guangdong Province. The company mainly produces and sells all kinds of high-current connectors, connectors, UPS/EPS power sockets and other products, specializing in providing supporting products and services for automobile, electric vehicle, communication power supply, medical equipment, power distribution equipment, handling equipment, solar energy and new energy manufacturers. The company has its own production and research and development base, has passed ISO9001 quality system certification, products have passed CE, 3C certification, and meet ROSH, REACH and other environmental requirements.
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    SED High-Current Connectors: Expanding Horizons in Diverse Industrial Applications

    SED high-current connectors, already leaders in the railway, solar energy, commercial aerospace, and heavy machinery sectors, are making significant strides in other industrial fields such as energy storage, electric vehicles, robotics, automation, and medical devices. Over the past three months, SED has secured agreements with distributors in multiple countries, highlighting the growing recognition and demand for their connectors.

    Industry news
    High current connector golf cart plug commonly used which several models?

    Guangdong sed Industrial Co., Ltd. is committed to the development, production and sales of high-current connectors. Now the new research and development of the production of golf cart plug, there are three: square interface, triangular interface, circular interface. Welcome to order.

    Technical knowledge
    Three-pole connector Anderson-style plug products are recommended

    Application: battery, lithium battery, charger and other equipment.